Best Death Scene Ever

The Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time.


“As of 2009, comic books have been with us for 75 years. In that span, countless heroes have arisen and captivated generations of readers with their courageous exploits. But a hero is nothing without a good villain. What’s the point of being able to leap tall buildings in a single bound unless there’s someone to test your mettle? We’ve combed through the Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, and Modern Age to gather the best of the worst for our Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time.”


The Final Frontier

L@Lz at these Start Trek Mash-Ups. Enjoy !

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Hey, Ma! Can we get some meatloaf?!

I sit alone in my four-cornered room staring at candles.

This jet-black, glossy skull candle will set your house aflame with a spooky glow and bloodshot red eyeballs.



Rats travel at night, invite the waterbugs.

I’ve got this terrible cold coming on.